How to play MegaCryptoPolis

In order to play MegaCryptoPolis you are required to have the Ethereum digital wallet that allows to securely store all your game assets and will also act as your login to the game (no extra password needed).

We recommend to use MetaMask extention for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave browsers on your desktop or laptop computer. There are also mobile Ethereum wallet available for Apple iOS and Android: Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet is the perfect chose to play on your smartphone.

If you already have it, visit and unlock your wallet to start the game.

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How to install MetaMask digital wallet?

Please follow instructions on the official MetaMask website or watch this video guide:

After you have downloaded a MetaMask browser extention please set strong password that is required to unlock your wallet. This will create you a new wallet on the Ethereum blоckсhain.

You will be offered to save 12 words that allow to restore the access in case of password lost or if you wish to use your wallet on another computer later. Please keep them in secure place – they grant full access to all your digital assets stored on your wallet.

After your wallet is created, visit, enter your e-mail address and sign Terms & Conditions using MetaMask wallet in MegaCryptoPolis. Press Launch to start the game.

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Getting a Block of Land on MegaCryptoPolis Decentralized Map

Playing MegaCryptoPolis requires some Ether on your wallet. You can transfer it from another wallet or get on exchange.

Choose your block of land on the decentralized city map and press Buy button to sign the transaction on the Ethereum blоckсhain. Transaction needs some time to be included in the block. For that period of time all the blocks those are influenced by your one will be marked as “pending”, so no one can buy them until your transaction will be minted in the blоckсhain and all neighboring blocks prices will rise.

Congratulations! This is your piece of land on the decentralized crypto megapolis map!

Explore the huge city map with so many rivers, lakes, islands, parks and resources. Discover new districts those are the older and larger siblings of blocks that feature on the game map. Some of them may be available for sale. Being a district owner grants you revenue share from all the players’ activities within its blocks. Initially all the districts are sold on auction. Make your bid and if no one beats it within next few days, district is yours!

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