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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

MegaCryptoPolis is a decentralized city builder game running on Ethereum blоckсhain smart contracts that you can play in any browser or on mobile device using special apps.

Every building in this a game is a crypto token which ownership rigts are verified in the blоckсhain.

How to play the game?

Please use Ethereum digital wallet like MetaMask, Trust or Coinbase Wallet allows to create an account and authorize in MegaCryptoPolis. Every action in the game is a transaction on Ethereum smart contract that requires a signature in your digital wallet. You may need some Ether on your digital wallet to pay for gas and send transactions.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open-source, public, blоckсhain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality.

What is Ether?

Ether – is Ethereum blоckсhain cruptocurrency that is used to pay for gas, run transactions on smart contracts, can be easily transfer between Ethereum wallets and exchanged to other cryptocurrencies.


Transaction requires Gas in order to be stored in Ethereum blоckсhain. It is an execution fee paid for block miners to include information about transaction in the block on Ethereum network. Its price is expressed in Ether and depends on current blоckсhain load. Miners may refuse to process transaction with less than a certain asked gas price — that may be the reason of failed or delayed transactions.

Gas price is set in Gwei that is 1/1000000000 part of Ether (1 Gwie = 0.000000001 Ether). Safe low gas price is normally 2-8 Gwei, though it may reach 20-30 Gwei when network is congested.

How to set a gas price?

Gas price can be adjusted in a digital wallet interface while sending a transaction:

Setting a low gas price may result in freezing your wallet — new transactions will not succeed if there is at least one pending transaction.

How to get Ether?

There are several ways you can refill your MetaMask digital wallet balance:

1. Buy Ether (ETH) using your credit card services like Coinbase, Coinmama, CEX, Coinhouse or LocalEthereum.

2. Exchange Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to Ether on ShapeShift or any crypto exchange like BitFinex, Kraken or Poloniex.

3. Send Ether from other wallet to your MetaMask (Trust or Coinbase Wallet Wallet) address.

You can find your MetaMask Ethereum wallet address by clicking on the icon next to your account address and selecting “Copy Address to clipboard”:

How can I gain Ether by playing MegaCryptoPolis?

You can receive Ether before the actual game launch (on “Lands Preorder” stage):

1. Acquiring a land block in MegaCryptoPolis grants you part of Ether spent by other players to acquire nearby located land blocks in a 7x7 field.

2. Being a district owner also grants you a part of Ether spent by players to acquire land bocks in this District. You can set the price for blocks (from 0% to 100% increase) that defines your income.

After the game starts, in addition to abovementioned:

1. Buildings constructed on your land blocks start to generate influence points those can be collected and then converted to Ether.

2. Being a district owner also grants you a part of taxes paid by players from every action in your region.

Ether transferred directly to your Ethetreum wallet that you use to play the game.

How to unlock MetaMask?

MegaCryptoPolis game may show you a lock screen from time to time. This happens because MetaMask automatically locks your account after a certain period of time. To unlock you wallet please click on the MetaMask extension and type in your password.

Can I store MegaCryptoPolis tokens on hardware wallet?

At the moment there is no cold (offline/hardware) wallets with support of ERC-721 tokens and ability to sign you on the website. Please use MetaMask, Trust or Coinbase Wallet digital wallets to play the game and store your game assets.

What is the timezone for game events?

All information in game is displayed in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), that is equal to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) time zone.

What is MegaCryptoPolis smart contract address?

Game has open sourced smart contract published and verified on Etherscan: 0x2C2...A13

Blocks of lands

Why do I need a block of land in MegaCryptoPolis?

A block of land is minimal requirement to start playing the game that allows you to construct and upgrade a building to gain influence points and collect your share of taxes.

Why may I need more than one block?

Owning several blocks of land situated near each other allows you to build a Mega Building that will have a multiplier for influence scores after the game starts.

What's the current land block price?

Block price depends on its location and the number of blocks sold around it. Every time someone purchases a land block it rises prices of blocks in 7x7 field around it and transfers part of its price to neighbours.

What will be the price of the block?

Prices for spare land blocks are growing as others purchase neighbouring blocks, price for each block of land is calculated on the blоckсhain, everything is truly decentralized and there is no way to predict who will buy where.

How is the price of land block calculated? What is prediction of price of block when all blocks are sold?

Block price rises with every next block sold in 7x7 field around it. The initial block price may vary from 0.01 to 0.02 ETH. In average, all the blocks sold within 7x7 area (in an abstract field without any roads and parks) the price of the last block will be 100 ETH.

Will I get paid in case I will buy a block of land near to one I already own?

Yes, you will get part of new block price back to your wallet that actually means you will have kind of a discount for the price of the new block.

Do I get paid when someone buys a block on the other District near to my block in 7x7 radius?

Yes, you will receive Ether from sales of blocks in neighboring districts after they will be opened within 7x7 area.

What happen if there is a road next to my land and someone buy a land in the other side of the road?

If the land on the other side of the road is still in your 7x7 field, you will get your part of Ehter as usual.

What happens when all blocks in the current district will be sold out?

Please wait until next district auction will finish and it’s land blocks will become available for purchase.

Can I sell a purchased block without building anything on it?

Yes, you can sell your block of land after the game starts, even if there are no buildings constructed.

Is a total number of land blocks limited?

Yes, total number of land blocks is limited as shown on the game map ― there will be no new blocks or new districts added, ever.

What will happen with unsold map blocks when the game launches?

All spare blocks will be available for sale on the same conditions after the game starts.


I won the auction and became the district owner. How to open district’s blocks sales?

Please enter the game and click on your district in auctions list – you will be able to set the price increase that may range from 0% (0.01 ETH initial blocks price and zero revenue for the district owner) to 100% (0.02 ETH initial blocks price and maximum revenue for the district owner).

How much Ether can I get from district land sales?

The first district owner gained more than 25 ETH within the 1st two weeks after sales opened (with only 50% land blocks sold at that moment). Initial block price was set to 0.015 ETH (50% price increase). There is also an opportunity to get more Ether after the game starts (district owner receives part of every player’s action tax).

What if district owner does not set the initial blocks price for the district?

District owner has 24 hours after the auction ends and winner announced to set the initial block price and make all the district’s blocks available for sale. If district owner does not set an initial price within 24 hours, acquired district will be opens with default 10% price increase (0.011 ETH for initial block price). District owner can change this value any time even after the start of sales.

Are prices of a district`s land blocks affected buy other districts?

Yes, purchasing a block will have an impact on all the neighboring blocks in 7x7 area regardless the district borders.

Auction has ended, but district is not still available on the map?

Yes, there may be a slight delay after the region is sold and before blocks became available for sale. Technically we need to add them on blоckсhain, that requires max. 24 hours.

What happens when someone bids for a district?

District open date will be prolonged for 7 days after the moment the new bid is made.

Bounty Campaign

How to acquire land block on the Bounty Island?

MegaCryptoPolis will give away 2000 blocks of land on the special Bounty Island (South East of the city map) for the help to distribute the word about the project.

Enlist for MegaCryptoPolis Bounty Campaign

How to receive reward?

Bounty rewards will be distributed randomly amongst all the enlisted participants of MegaCryptoPolis Bounty Campaign. Participating in special activities (like sharing information in social networks and joining our community) increases chance to get valuable block of land.

How can I use my bounty reward?

Use your rewarded block of land to play the game (build, upgrade and collect influence points) or just sell it on the market after the game starts.

How are the winners defined?.

Winners will be defined randomly. The more Scores you have gained during the Bounty Campaign the more chances you have to receive a block of land. Every additional Score on you account is your additional chance to receive a crypto land token.

When I will receive my rewards?

All bounty land tokens will be minted and transferred directly to MegaCryptoPolis Bounty Campaign participant’s wallets prior to the game launch.

Can I receive more than one block of land?

There may be several blocks credited to your wallet depending on overall amount of Scores.

General Questions

Transaction confirmation times are way too long, how to fix this?

The only way to make transactions faster is put higher gas price (please refer to "Gas?" and "How to set a gas price?"). That is how Ethereum blоckсhain is governed, MegaCryptoPolis has nothing to do with that, unfortunately.

Where I can see my game assets?

All the game assets are stored in the form of ERC-721 tokens within your digital wallet. They may be not visible in the wallet interface though (as MetaMask does not support ERc-721 tokens). In order to check your assets please enter the game and click on the "My Blocks" icon - all blocks of land owned by you will be highlighted on the map.

Transaction is shows as successful in Etherscan, but I don’t get block of land.

Instead of Failing the transaction, MegaCryptoPolis smart contract just returns you Ether in case you have not succeed to purchase a land block (most common reason is that can happen due to some block sold around before your transaction got minted). That allows to save your Ether as the failing transaction also requires gas (much more gas in fact). Please take a closer look in your transaction at Etherscan – that will show you that Ether was returned back to your wallet. You can also track this from your wallet in Internal Transactions list in Etherscan.

What's the purpose of the game itself?

We recognize the main aim of the game is to educate on how to use a cryptocurrency in a funny way in the form of entertainment. We believe that building the decentralized mega city on Ethereum blоckсhain will shape the way on how the blоckсhain games will look like in near future.

Why my land block purchase did not succeed?

Most common reason is that someone had bought a block of land in a 7x7 area before your transaction was minted — that rised the price of your block and smart contract did not accept your transaction. That may happen due to higher gas price set by another player.

Why do you need my e-mail?

Your e-mail address is used to deliver you notifications about game progress like receiving an Ether from the block sold nearby or to inform you about new bids on the auction you are participating in.

What happens if site if MegaCryptoPolis goes down? Is there a backup?

All data is stored on Ethereum blоckсhain, MegaCryptoPolis game is just a GUI (graphic user interface) client hosted on a dedicated server that allows convenient management of your crypto game asses. Soon after game launch there will be a downloadable client for your platform to make sure you will always have a direct access to your assets via game GUI.

Is there a way to find where is a specific district on the map?

Please open MegaCryptoPolis game on desktop to highlight the district on the map. Mobile interface may not show this due to limits of the screen size.

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