The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.


Multi-Blockchain Support

MegaCryptoPolis initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain, with the MCP3D and Microeconomy concept declared the decentralized city expansion on to new blockchains.

Each blockchain will have it’s own Macroeconomy with dedicated Funds and new territories to be appended to the global gaming map. That will allow for a wider adoption, faster operations, less fees and a more diversified gameplay.

No new land plots will be created on the existing gaming map (built on Ethereum blockchain).

All the Microeconomy assets (Citizens, Pets, Cars, Appliances, even Resources and some Materials) are interoperable and will be freely transferred between different blockchains. That means one will be able to send Bricks produced on Ethereum part of the gaming map to use them for construction of a building on another network. That will involve Airports implying their fees with benefits for originating blockchain in terms of taxes as commissions for the Funds.

Each blockchain will have its own Global Fund that is accounted in the blockchain’s native cryptocurrency. All the game assets (including land plots, districts and all Microeconomy items) are be traded on the internal marketplace using the native blockchain cryptocurrency.

There is no limit on a number of accounts a player may have on different blockchains. Moreover, there will be a feature to unite them under the same Profile and that may become a part of a strategy to distribute assets and production among different networks to maximize results.

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