The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.


Ways To Play

There are so many ways one can play MegaCryptoPolis.

Lots of strategies possible in the MCP3D, just to name a few:


Almost any building in the MegaCryptoPolis 3D is able to produce non-fungible tokens those are required by other buildings to operate. Being it a Citizen, Resource (like Electricity and Water), Material (Bricks, Wood, Stone, etc.) or Appliances there is someone who needs that.

One could possible build a full production chain the MegaCryptoPolis 3D with all types of buildings to satisfy every need for further development, but that would be a whole lot of a story. Purchasing required components on the market is way more effective way of making business in the decentralized city.

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In most cases it's a way more convenient way for a new player to start the game by renting a building rather than acquiring a land plot and resources to build a new one. The most experienced players may also prefer renting a Huge or Mega to gain temporary advantage in producing a Resource or Material they need, especially considering a price to construct one nowadays.

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Loved the original MegaCryptoPolis concept? No worries, Offices still generate Ether (and TRX when launched on TRON) depending on Influence Points a building possess. Offices will grant a daily share from Global or Local (District's) Fund depending on a certain building type.

There were almost ~15 000 buildings to share Global Tax Fund in the original MegaCryptoPolis. For the MCP3D it's only 7% of all buildings being of the Office type on launch, that will almost instantly grant a better share of the Fund with effective Citizens team appointed to a building.

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Citizens are required for a building to operate — no Resources and Materials could be produced, no crypto collected and no services offered without an effective management. There were only ~7 500 Generation A Citizens initially distributed during pre-order period, that hardly covers even 15% of what may be on demand for 15 000 buildings to operate (2-20 Citizens required by a building).

Acquire or rent a Residential building and appoint Citizens to create new Generation of Citizen tokens. Always pay attention to a relatively close Citizens setting in a building - production time and a new Citizen Generation number always follows the later Generation Citizen appointed in a building.

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Municipal buildings grants a share of Insurance Fund once a Natural Disaster happens in a District. Insurance is transferred in the form of native blockchain cryptocurrency (Ether for Ethereum or TRX for TRON) directly to player's balance. Building different Municipals in different Districts will let you never miss the Natural Disaster benefits again.

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In fact you don't even need a building or a land plot to play the game. Purchasing game assets on the market and selling them for a higher price is also a strategy to participate in the MegaCryptoPolis 3D. Some Resource and Material Packs are sold with batches with a lower price when purchased in large amounts — dividing these Packs may also have a margin inside as the most players will need only a fraction of a Material or Resource.

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Prefer it rolling without too much effort - Distircts are here for you! Define rules (once per 30 days) and grab a share from every action happening on the territory in a native blockchain cryptocurrency (Ether for Ethereum or TRX for TRON).

Districts are initially distributed on auctions, but there may be some offered on the market. Sending an offer to a District owner is also a way to acquire one.

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Send us your story on how you prefer to play the MegaCryptoPolis — a pleasure for us to publish it there!