The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.


Ethereum Scalability

MegaCryptoPolis is using Matic Network sidechain as a scalability solution for Ethereum gaming map to eliminate gas fees and make transactions instant.

Every action in the MegaCryptoPolis is a verified transaction confirmed by the smart contract on a blockchain. Ethereum network requires a Gas fee paid in ETH as a reward for miner to include the information in a block. Matic Network is the layer 2 PoS based sidechain that allows to reduce fees and uses Matic token to operate. MegaCryptoPolis covers all the fees on the sidechain, so players do not need a token to make transactions on Matic Network.

MegaCryptoPolis migrated to Matic Network on Dec 10, 2020. Citizens, Pets, Appliances, Cars and Resource tokens were moved to Matic. Districts and Land Plots left on Ethereum network.

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Most in-game actions (being the most gas consuming) are now performed on Matic Network. However, some operations are still managed on Ethereum Network thus requiring gas fees.

Ethereum Operations

Operations to be performed using an Ethereum wallet:

Operations on Matic Network are performed using funds from the in-game balance (not user's Ethereum wallet).
Operations on Ethereum Network are performed using funds from a player's wallet (not in-game balance).

In-game Balance

Player's in-game balance accumulates funds from all the in-game operations like:

Funds could be deposited or withdrawn from the in-game balance to a player's Ethereum wallet at any moment. This operation may require a gas fee on Ethereum network.


Land Plots and District tokens are traded on Ethereum Network — ETH from sales will be credited directly to player's Ethereum wallet. Citizens, Pets, Cars, Appliances and Resource tokens are traded on Matic Network — ETH from sales will be credited to player's in-game balance.

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