The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.


Natural Disasters

There are 3 types of Natural Disasters that may happen in a District almost every game cycle (24 hours). Natural Disaster triggers Insurance Fund to be distributed between certain type of Municipal buildings, as follows:

Natural DisasterBuilding Type
FireFire Station

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Insurance Fund is formed by the Insurance % set by a District owner + the same amount from the Global Fund (but not bigger than 0.5% of the GTF).

For example, District #43 has 100 ETH in the Fund, 5% Insurance tax set in the District Control Panel and a couple of Hospitals with appointed Citizens. If a Flood happens, both Hospitals will share 10 ETH (5 ETH from the District Fund and 5 ETH from the Global Fund) depending on their Influence Points and get only the part as allowed by their Citizens qualifications.

Flood happened in a District to grant Insurance Funds payouts to all the operational Hospitals.

Municipal buildings without appointed Citizens are not qualified to receive payments. The more Citizens a building have and the better their qualifications are the more it receives.

Weather Forecast

Weather data analytics allows to make predictions for a District and Disaster type that may possible happen next.

The more Municipal buildings a District has the less is a chance of a Disaster happening in this District. The more Municipal buildings of a certain type there is in a District the less is a chance of that type of Natural Disaster to happen in this District. However, there is still a chace of Disaster happening even in the District with the most Municial buildings of the same type.

In order to help you track Disitrcits lacking Municipal buildings a weather forecast feature is introduced. Temperautre demonstrates relation between the sum of all currently constructed Municipal buildings Influence Points and total amount of Influence Points in the District. There is also a chance of a Natural Disaster displayed demonstrating a Municipal building type that has the least Influence Points in the District.

In most cases that defines what type of a Municipal building is required to be constructed in the District. From the other side, constructing a new Municipal building reduces a chance of a Natural Disaster to happen, as well as construction of any other building in the District rises it.