The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.


Natural Disasters

There are 3 types of Natural Disasters that may happen in a District: flooding, fire and storm. That happens twice a day in both Etherium and Tron, although in Tron it can happen in a closed District. The information on the past disasters can be found in game notifications.

Natural Disaster damage can be prevented by municipal buildings insurance:

Natural DisasterBuilding Type
FireFire Station

The disasters can have 3 levels of power:

Extreme disasters are rare and happen significantly less often than mild and moderate ones.

The disasters appear according to the weather. The weather has 3 characteristics:

The table below describes the chances to have a disaster in a district.

Increased chance of disasterProvided by
FloodingHigh humidity + High pressure
FireStrong winds + low humidity
StormStrong winds + low pressure.