The MegaCryptoPolis 3D decentralized city game guide.



Districts are basically the older and larger siblings of blocks that feature on the game map. All blocks are contained within a district, and all of which may vary in size, form and geographical position.

Districts are also ERC-721 tokens that are stored in players wallet as ensured by a blockchain immutable ledger to verify the right for the district owner to receive benefits from their operations.

District Owner Benefits

The benefits of owning a district are as follows:

As a district owner, you have the power to define the price of each block within your district. Price increase can range from 0% profit (0.01 ETH initial block price*) to 100% (0.02 ETH initial block price*). Every other block in this area will have a higher price value after each block is sold in this field.

Acquiring Districts

There will be a limited number of Districts, with only 7 of them being available for purchase at auction at the start of the first stage. After one district is sold, another one will appear on the game map. The addition of new districts will not impact the economy in previously opened districts.

Any player can acquire an uninhabited district during an auction. The starting price for a district begins at 5 ETH, with bid increments set at 0.5 ETH. Every bid prolongs an auction for additional 7 days from the moment the new bid was made.

In order to participate in an auction, player should transfer the amount of ETH required for bid to the smart contract, where it will be locked until the auction end date or a higher bid occurs. In the event of a player not being successful with their bid, all Ether will be refunded to the same address where it came from.

After the new bid is made, any player can make another bid within 7 days, otherwise the district will then be awarded to the player who has the last bid. That way, the person that bid with the highest amount of Ether will be considered the winner and have the right to own the district.

Once the District has an owner, other players can begin to buy land blocks and start building on them.

Districts can be freely traded on the market or transferred to another wallet within the same blockchain. Districts are Macroeconomy assets those are stick to a certain blockchain gaming map and can't be transfered to another network.

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