MegaCryptoPolis Districts

All land blocks in MegaCryptoPolis are contained within districts. Every district is an ERC-721 token that is stored in the Ethereum blockchain and verifies the right for the district owner to receive revenue share from all operations with blocks of lands within it.

District owner has the power to define the price of each spare block to be sold within a district. Price increase can range from 0% (0.01 ETH initial block price*, zero profit for district owner) to 100% (0.02 ETH initial block price*). The first district had 50% increase in price (0.015 ETH initial block price).

* —Price of the first spare block in a 7x7 field. Every other block in this area will have a higher price value after every next block is sold in this field.

District's land blocks can't be purchased while district does not have an owner.

Total number of districts is limited, no new districts will be added, ever. Only 7 districts are available for purchase at auction. After one district is sold, another one will appear on the game map.

District ownership can be acquired during the auction. The starting price for a district begins at 5 ETH, with the minimum bid (at auction) being 0.5 ETH. Every bid prolongs an auction for additional 7 days from the moment of the new bid was made.

How to acquire a District?

You can access a list of all districts by pressing the map icon in the game:

or choosing a locked tile on the game map and pressing the "Show District" button:

In order to participate in an auction, player transfers the amount of Ether required for a new bid to the smart contract, where it will be locked until the auction end date or a higher bid occurs.

Other players will have 7 days to make a higher bid, otherwise district will be awarded to the player who has made the last bid. In case someone makes a new bid all all Ether sent previousely will be refunded directly to the auction previous participant's wallet.

Once the District has an owner, other players can begin to buy land blocks and start building on it.

All the blocks will become available for sale within 24 hours after auction ends.

How to play ? FAQ
You have won the auction - what's next?

Congratulations! Please be advised to claim your district ownership rights and set the tax for all the land blocks within it.

After the district auction is finished all its land blocks will be opened for sale within 24 hours. District owner will define the tax size that sets the initial block price for all the blocks within this district.

Please open the list of districts and press "Take" button on the district you have just won:

You will need to sign a transaction to obtain a region ownership rights — press "Take" and follow instructions in MetaMask. This will not require any additional Ether, except what you pay for gas.

Please set the tax for your district by entering a value from 0 to 100 in the text field and pressing "Save" button. District tax defines the initial block price and revenue for the district owner.

Please be informed that setting a 0% tax will result in zero income for district owner. Setting this value to 100% will grant the maximum income possible with the highest prices for the players.

District tax can be adjusted later - district owner can change the tax at the any given moment in time.

All the players will be notified about new districts soon after.

Start the Game

Start the Game

280 ETH

Paid out to players

10 Oct

Official game start

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