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Starter Kit for the MCP3D TRON

Exclusively for TRON Wallet users

Get everything you need to establish operations in the MegaCryptoPolis 3D on TRON Network:

Land Plots
Core game asset, a place for a building.
Required to construct a building.
Required for buildings to operate.
Permanent boost for Citizen qualification.

Get ready for the MCP3D launch on TRON 25 March — construct a building and appoint a Citizen to start producing tokens those are required by other players and can be freely traded on the open market with TRX.

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How to get a reward?

Sign Up for the MegaCryptoPolis 3D Bounty Campaign and enter your TRX wallet address. Complete at least 2 tasks to receive a granted Resources Pack for the game. Complete any additional tasks to receive more Scores that will grant you additional rewards for the game.

Help us spread the word about to MCP3D launch on TRON Netowrk to more receive Scores for your Bounty Cabinet. The more Scores you have the more chance to receive a valuable reward.

Rewards will be minted in the form of crypto token and delivered directly directly to participant's TRON wallet prior to the MegaCryptoPolis 3D launch on the TRON blockchain.

TRON wallet and registered account is required to take part in the Bounty Campaign.

Previous MegaCryptoPolis Bounty Campaign participants are not required to create new account to be eligible for the TRON rewards.

Learn more about MCP3D:


Frequently Asked Quesions

How can I use my bounty reward?

You can use it to play the game or sell it on the open market after the game starts, aside of Welcome Pack Gen K Citizens those are non-transferrable tokens and could not be lsited on the market.

How to receive a reward?

Complete at least 2 tasks to help us confirm you are not a bot to receive guaranteed Resources Pack for the game. Continue with tasks to earn more Score and get additional rewards for the game.

When I will receive my rewards?

Rewards will be send directly to your TRON wallet not later than 30 April 2020.

Can I receive more than one block of land?

The more tasks you complete during the event the more chances to receive additional rewards for the game.

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