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MCP3D Rewards Campaign

Get unique Citizen tokens, limited Pets, Cars, exclusive land plots or a whole District in the new Bounty Campaign dedicated to the MegaCryptoPolis 3D launch on the new blockchains!

Land Plots
Core game asset, required to construct a building.
Required for buildings to operate.
Reduces Stamina consumption.
Permanent boost for Citizen qualification.

* — Interoperable game assets those can be transferred between blockchains.

Exclusive Lions Pet token + X2 Scores!

MegaCryptoPolis celebrates it's 2nd Anniversary and gives away 2 exclusive "Lions Pet" tokens with +7 Bonus to a Citizen's qualification when paired.

Read More about MCP3D 2nd Anniversary and Rewards

Only 12 of them will ever exist! Another 10 available only in MCP3D Packs.


Game assets to be distributed during the Rewards Campaign:

  • 2500+ Land Plots on new blockchains

  • 2 Exclusive Lions Pet tokens

  • 50 Pet tokens

  • 50 Generation A Citizens

  • 25 Cars

  • 5 Genius Gen A Citizens

  • Exclusive Island Districts

How to get a reward?

Send your wishes to the MCP3D via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit):

  • Use the #mcp3dbirthday tag
  • Include your favorite screenshot from the game
  • Mention your best friends
  • Submit the link in your Rewards Campaign cabinet

You'll receive additional X2 Scores for the every post.

(but not more than 1 post per single platform per week)

Rewards will be distributed amongst all registered Rewards Campaign participants. The more Scores a participant has the more chance to receive a valuable reward (or several rewards). For the Lions Pets we will select 2 random winners.

Help us spread the word about the MegaCryptoPolis and receive Scores for your Bounty Cabinet. Fill the form in the top left corner of the page to join!

Digital crypto wallet and registered account in Rewards Campaign are required to be eligible for rewards.

Previous Bounty Campaign participants are not required to create new account to be eligible for the rewards.

Rewards will be minted in the form of crypto token and delivered directly to participant's wallet after 30 June 2020.

Learn more about MCP3D:


Recommended wallets:

Frequently Asked Quesions

How can I use a reward?

We recommend using a reward, being it a land plot, Citizen or a Pet to try the game - there are so many ways to play. You can also sell a reward on the market to receive ETH or TRX from other player.

When I will receive my rewards?

Rewards Campaign ends 30 June 2020. Rewards will be minted directly to your digital wallet as defined in your personal Rewards Campaign cabinet.

How are the winners defined?

The more Scores you have gained during the Rewards Campaign the more chances you have to receive a valuable reward. Winners will be selected randomly depending on their Scores (the more the better).

Can I receive more than one asset?

Yes, you can receive several rewards, without any limit, depending on the amount of Scores you have collected during the campaign.

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