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MCP3D Expansion Bounty Campaign

Get unique Citizen tokens, limited Pets, Cars, exclusive land plots or a whole District in the new Bounty Campaign dedicated to the MegaCryptoPolis 3D launch on the new blockchains!

Land Plots
Core game asset, required to construct a building.
Required for buildings to operate.
Reduces Stamina consumption.
Permanent boost for Citizen qualification.

* — Interoperable game assets those can be transferred between blockchains.

Bounty Rewards

Bounty Campaign taking place starting from 17 September 2019, prizes will be delivered in parts along wit hthe launch of new blockchains.

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Game assets to be distributed during the Bounty Campaign:

  • 2000+ Land Plots on the new blockchains

  • 566 Land Plots on the Partners Island

  • 50 Pets

  • 50 Generation A Citizens

  • 25 Cars

  • 5 Genius Gen A Citizens

  • 4 Bounty Island Districts

How to get a reward?

Rewards will be distributed amongst all registered Bounty Campaign participants. Help us spread the word about upcoming Microeconomy update to receive Scores for your Bounty Cabinet. The more Scores you have the more chance to receive a valuable reward.

Along with that a series of special events in collaboration with top blockchain gaming industry brands will take place to distribute land plots on the Partners Island.

TRON wallet and registered account is required to take part in the Bounty Campaign.

Previous MegaCryptoPolis Bounty Campaign participants are not required to create new account to be eligible for the TRON rewards.

Rewards will be minted in the form of crypto token and delivered directly directly to participant's TRON wallet prior to the MegaCryptoPolis 3D launch on the TRON blockchain.

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Frequently Asked Quesions

How can I use my bounty reward?

You can use your block of land to play the game (build, upgrade and collect influence points) or just sell it on the market after the game starts.

How are the winners defined?

Winners will be defined randomly. The more Scores you have gained during the Bounty Campaign the more chances you have to receive a blocks of land. Every additional Score on you account is your additional chance to receive a crypto land token.

When I will receive my rewards?

Bounty rewards will be credited to your wallet prior to the Microeconomy layer (MegaCryptoPolis 3D) launch this year.

Can I receive more than one block of land?

There may be several blocks credited to your wallet depending on overall amount of Scores.

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