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The Bounty Island

South East of Mega Crypto Polis


crypto land blocks will be given away during the Bounty Campagin.

How to get a reward?

Rewards will be distributed on a random basis between all registered participants of Bounty Program. There is the way you can increase your chances to get a reward by completing one of the following actions:

  • 1. Join Telegram or Discord community

  • 2. Do a post on Twitter or Facebook

  • 3. Upvote us on Reddit

  • 4. Set a signature for Bitcointalk

  • 5. Publish an article or video review

Every action gives you an additional scores those increase a chance to receive a crypto land block.

Every land block is ERC-721 crypto token stored in the Ethereum blockain. Read more:

Download Whitebook

In order to receive a token you will need to have a MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet installed.

Reward tokens will be transferred prior to game start date.

Frequently Asked Quesions

How can I use my bounty reward?

You can use your block of land to play the game (build, upgrade and collect influence points) or just sell it on the market after the game starts.

How are the winners defined?

Winners will be defined randomly. The more Scores you have gained during the Bounty Campaign the more chances you have to receive a blocks of land. Every additional Score on you account is your additional chance to receive a crypto land token.

When I will receive my rewards?

Bounty rewards will be credited to your wallet prior to the game launch that will happen this summer.

Can I receive more than one block of land?

There may be several blocks credited to your wallet depending on overall amount of Scores.

Don’t miss out!

280 ETH

Paid out to players

10 Oct

Official game start

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